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Nicoletta Bati

Nicoletta Bati


Nicoletta Bati


Prunatelli, Pontessieve, Tuscany

Nicoletta Bati, the current mill owner of Azienda Agricola Prunatelli, takes care of the 22 hectares of the estate and its 800 olive trees. She belongs to the same family as Gianfranco Gratì, the producer of Rameaux d’Or Galiga e Vetrice, whose olive grove is located just underneath. These two producers chose to honor the Frantoio, a very elegant and pure in taste olive, appreciated for its plant bitterness. It is nevertheless the small distance separating the two groves which marks the difference in the taste profile of these two oils, which represent the archetype of greats Tuscan olive oils.

Terroir & Features

It is in the region of Chianti Ruffina, a symbol area of Florentine olive oil and wine- making tradition, that the olive trees of the estate benefit from an exceptional terroir with a perfect Southwest exposure.

This grove, one of the most beautiful in Italy, is located at the top of the Prunatelli valley, at an altitude of 350 meters, which naturally reduce pests. No pesticide is therefore used in this organic oil. The olives are picked by hand, while swinging from green to plum color, and pressed the same day, so they can fully express their strong taste profile. It is this mastery of production that allowed the birth of this excellent oil, which demonstrates with finesse the attributes of the terroir of Ruffina, and the high rate of polyphenols (605 mg/kg).

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