Riccardo Altamura

Riccardo Altamura


Riccardo Altamura


Citta Della Pieve, Monteleone d'Orvieto, Umbria

The original idea behind Tempio Dell’Oro was a country home, just for relaxing. The Altamura family bought an estate in Umbria many years ago but, after spending time among the beautiful hills, fell in love with farming. Soon, the production of wine and olive oil began and, shortly thereafter, Tempio Dell’Oro was a professional, top class olive oil producer!

Nowadays, the farm combines traditional knowledge with Italian passion and the best technology on the market! The mill is a masterpiece of continuous cycle, electronic temperature-controlled progress.  Tempio Dell’Oro is perfect for Oliviers & Co thanks to its beautiful oils – rich on the palette but with a crispness, and notes of fruit and walnut.  Its olive oils have found many admirers in haute cuisine, and it has been featured on the menu of several luxury cruise ships, as well as being demanded by chef Heinz Beck, from the restaurant "La Pergola", for drizzling at the table. Bring the olive oil favored by world-class chefs to your table!

The Olive Grove 

The main olive cultivars grown at Tempio dell’Oro are Frantoio, Leccino, and Moraiolo. These classic varieties thrive in the well-ventilated Umbrian soil, and the terraced hills of the Tempio Dell’Oro estate provide the perfect location for the hearty olive tree. 

Fun Fact:

Tempio Dell’Oro olive oil is demanded by world-class chefs at their tables.