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Rosa & Francisco Vaño Canadas

Rosa & Francisco Vaño Canadas


Rosa & Francisco Vaño Canadas



Castillo de Canena

This historic olive grove estate is located near Úbeda and Baeza, two cities registered in the Unesco World Heritage. The story of this oil begins in 1780, in this family estate which takes the name of the castle, Castillo de Canena. The olive trees planted on the hill of the municipality of Canena and irrigated by the waters of the "Guadania meñor". This oil produced by Rosa and Francisco Vaño Cañadas is one of the most remarkable olive oils of Spain. These passionate olive growers respect the natural cycle of the trees, combining traditional knowhow with advanced technology and scrupulous respect for the environment. With its purity of taste and its roundness, this olive oil 100% arbequina is among the most beautiful oils of Andalusia.

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