Ravida Olive Oil 2015

Ravida Olive Oil 2015

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Here's the secret of this superb olive oil from Sicily: an expert blend of Cerasuola and Nocellara olives that are carefully selected and pressed in the family mill the day they are harvested. This oil is recognized by experts as "one of the world's best olive oils".

A wonderfully creamy and elegant oil with aromas of fresh cut grass and a strong intensity with a long peppery finish. Simply delicious!
Country: Italy
Region: Sicily, Contracda Latomie Castelvetrano
Date of Harvest: October 2014
Limited Edition: Less than 200 bottles in the US
Olives: Nocellara del Belice, Cerasuola
Food Pairings: We like this with Italian cuisine based dishes, or drizzled on vegetables, salads and grilled fish. A robust oil for bread dipping as well!
An elegant and robust oil with a creamy texture. The pedigree of an exceptional oil, fully expressed, an intense jewel to discover on the palate.

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