Red Pepper & Chili Jam

Red Pepper & Chili Jam

Item # 66065
Ever wanted to give your dish an extra kick? Discover O&CO.'s Red Pepper & Chili Jam, where smooth texture mixes with a spice you can savor. This jam merges the surprising sweetness of the red pepper with the masterful balance of O&CO.'s chili pepper olive oil. A true delight!

Size: 9.9 OZ

Region/Country: Canada
Food Pairings: Irresistible when served with a vegetable quiche, pork or simply served on crackers and cheese.
Ingredients: White sugar, fresh red pepper 40.61%, water, white vinegar, red Jalapeno pepper puree, & O&CO.'s chili pepper olive oil

Customer Reviews

“Woah! So spicy! I use this as a base for my homemade chili. Award-winning flavor!”

James Belter, San Fransisco, CA
from the Grand Central Station Flagship