Organic Saffron

Organic Saffron

Item # 8492
Enjoy superior quality, PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) certified organic Greek saffron from the Cooperative of Krokos Kozani!

The price and the glory of saffron is a result of the labor involved: over one hundred flowers are needed to produce a gram of dry saffron. The saffron is collected from the crocus flower from mid-October in the early hours of each day before the sun can destroy the precious aroma. O&CO.'s Greek Saffron is a steal for all the beautiful threads of saffron awaiting inside the jar!

Size: 0.1 OZ

Region/Country: Greece
Food Pairings: Just a few threads are needed in preparing risotto, tagine, paella, bouillabaisse, mashed potatoes, or scrambled eggs.
Ingredients: Greek saffron (PDO) threads.

Customer Reviews

“It doesn't take many strands of this beautiful saffron to get a nice flavor. Makes a great aioli!”
Jennifer Varano, Sales Associate
from the Columbus Circle Boutique

“I love the saffron. You can tell it's high quality from its rich red color. A little goes a long way! It makes the perfect saffron rice. A great product at a great price!”
Ellen Reddy, Store Manager
from the Columbus Circle Boutique