Salt & Herb Mix for Pasta and Salad

Salt & Herb Mix for Pasta and Salad

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This mix is the perfect time-saving seasoning for pasta and salads, blended for your convenience with hints of tomato, chives and marjoram. Our salt & herb mixes were developed exclusively for O&CO. by Michelin-starred chef, Jean-Marie Mulien. These mixes are made of Italian sea salt and carefully selected aromatic herbs and spices.

Size: 3.5 OZ

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Chef Creation: Jean-Marie Meulien
Chefs Restaurant: Oasis, La Napoule, Clos Longchamp
Region/Country: France
Food Pairings: In addition to pasta, add to olive oil and vinegar for an easy vinaigrette; also makes a flavorful rub for roast chicken.
Ingredients: Dried sea salt, marjoram, tomato flakes, chives, onion.

Customer Reviews

“My husband is crazy about the Salt & Herb mix for Pasta & Salad. He can't even wait for dinner before eating all the salad!”
Ellen Reddy
from the Columbus Circle Boutique

“Basil Oil, Premium Balsamic Vinegar, and the Salt & Herb Mix for Pasta & Salads is basically the best thing ever.”
Phyllis Lampell, Tinton Fall, NJ
from the Columbus Circle Boutique