Seafood Lovers Bundle

Seafood Lovers Bundle

Item # BSET50

In a nice green gift box, we have selected 3 ingredients especially created to enhance fresh fish, raw or cooked. 

1 Pressed Olive & Fresh Aromatics - seasoning for fish: Deliciously fresh and peppery, thanks to the right balance between the ginger and the power of shallots, this oil is ideal for making delicious summer marinades for all grilled fish or simply in a fillet on a carpaccio or tartare.

1 Mix Salt & herbs for Fish: Bay leaves, lemon, coriander, fennel… all these traditional ingredients are joined in this salt to prepare fish in Mediterranean style, whether grilled, marinated or in steams.

1 Tomato & Rosemary marinade: The Provençal marinade is a unique sunny creation composed of beautiful black olives, tomatoes, and eggplants, all spiced-up by a hint of mustard. A recipe that gives great taste to summer barbecues.

1 Spout: Easy to use, it is suitable for all olive oil containers Oliviers & Co. It will allow you to more precisely determine the amount of olive oil to be used.