Sky High Oolong Tea Bar

Sky High Oolong Tea Bar


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This fresh, delicately balanced tea has a gentle lotus flower and magnolia bouquet aroma. The Sky High Oolong retains its nutrients and the flavors of the unspoilt environment in which it is grown. The pale golden liquor embodies soft elements of crisp mountain air and spring water, united by its smooth mouthfeel, faint green apple accent and sweet sugarcane finish. With a touch of imagination, and the gentle boost of caffeine and L-theanine, sipping this heady tea feels like a blast of high mountain qi.

Although the tea maker, Josef Zhang, certainly plays his part, wilting the tea outside under the sun to start the process before moving it indoors to carefully wilt on bamboo trays, intermittently shuffling the bamboo trays to bruise the leaves, evaluating the scents and removing any leaves that appear inconsistent with the batch. A light roast is applied to the tightly-rolled leaves to bring the oxidation process to a halt and preserve its freshness. The result is a cupped tea that is as captivating as its mountain vista.

Yields approximately 60 cups
Region/Country: Alishan Mountains, Taiwan