Special Occasion Gifts Are Perfect Year ‘Round

Quality and gourmet gifts from O&CO are appreciated year round and make a statement for business professionals when given to clients. Consider the goodwill a real estate agent can garner by offering a client a housewarming gift basket filled with gourmet olive oils from O&CO. Signing up a new client is also an ideal time to offer a quality gift; consider offering any of the organic items from O&CO. in the hand cream or facial line – these work for both your male and female clients. Gifting your clients with gourmet food and gift items shows your clients that you value the trust they’ve placed in you and also set your company apart from the competition. 

Clients will remember the gift given to them by a new service provider and will be likely to recommend you. If you’re offering your client gourmet olive oil or high quality balsamic vinegar, they will remember your generosity each time they cook. Offering a top of the line gift – rather than a department store item or basket of flowers – lets your client know you value the relationship you’re building with them.

If possible, deliver the gift personally. If personal delivery isn’t an option O&CO. products come in quality design packaging and can be shipped right to the door of your client. Add a note card to truly make the item personal. Repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals are the best way to grow a business and those business owners that go the extra mile are the ones who get the referrals.

Here are gift-giving occasions to keep in mind throughout the year:

  •  Housewarming gifts – A housewarming gift is appropriate for real estate agents to give to clients or for any business owner to give to a client who’s recently moved. Consider helping your client stock their kitchen with gourmet olive oils, truffles, or even olive wood cutting boards. These items will bring your company’s thoughtfulness to mind every time they are used. O&CO. has gifts for the cook, the entertainer or the olive oil lover.
  • Gift baskets – A personalized gift basket is a popular idea for many reasons. With a gift basket of items from O&CO. you can offer the recipient a wide variety – from sweet to savory food items to organic facial products and kitchen accessories.
  • Welcome to the “Family” – Gifts from O&CO. shows a new client that you not only offer quality goods and services but that you value the new client’s business and therefore are offering gourmet items to extend a “gift of good taste.” Corporate gifts are appropriate any time of the year and as a matter of fact, another way to set yourself apart is by sending a gift when it isn’t expected – consider sending a gift on the anniversary of your client signing up with you, their birthday, Halloween, first day of autumn/summer/spring/winter or Thanksgiving. Many clients anticipate receiving gifts at the holidays, surprise them when they’re not expecting it with a gourmet olive oil gift set or other quality items from O&CO.

    Studies have proven that high quality corporate gifts are one way to increase retention rates and improve your company’s profile in the minds of clients and gourmet gifts from O&CO. demonstrate to clients your belief in delivering high quality in all aspects of business.