Specialty Vinegar with Pineapple & Timut Pepper

Specialty Vinegar with Pineapple & Timut Pepper

Item # 74DVAN250

Size: 8.5 FL OZ

Container: Bottle

A new Oliviers & Co creation to add pep to your winter plates: The sweetness of vinegar with Azores pineapple & Timut pepper.
Deliciously fruity, its taste of ripe pineapple combined with the tangy notes of the famous Timut pepper will take you on a journey, bringing a touch of exoticism to your preparations both sweet & salty.
Pineapple from the Azores: The Azores Archipelago, more precisely the Island of São Miguel, produces pineapples that are reputed to be the best in the world! The fruit is juicy & incredibly fragrant. The fruit has a protected designation of origin & is cultivated in small quantities by hand.
The Timut pepper is distinguished from other berries by its unique, very fruity flavor, reminiscent of citrus fruits, especially pink grapefruit.

Region/Country: Portugal
Food Pairings: Avocado, shrimp, corn salad, deglazing duck breasts, chicken & pork breasts, carpaccio pineapple, green apple, simply as a syrup in sparkling water
Ingredients: Alcool vinegar (sulphites) 68%, pineapple 20%, sugar, Nepal Timut pepper 2%
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