Spout For Tins

Spout For Tins

Item # 79VERPLSC

Size: 2"H

Attach to any O&CO. olive oil tin for a drip-free drizzle! Reusable and handy, this spout helps your olive oil stay fresh to the last drop.

How to open the olive oil tin and attach the spout:
1. First, you have to make sure the original pourer is fully extended. Look for the little arrow in the green top that is flat and flush to the tin. Lift the ring that the arrow points to and slip your finger through it. Gently wiggle the top up until it is fully extended, about an inch from the top of the tin.
2. Remove the green screw-off top and replace it with the new green spout.
3. Twist on the spout until it is tight and flush to the tin top.
4. Pull open the attached little cap and you’re ready to pour!
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Average Rating: 5 / 5
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  1. "from the Grand Central Station Flagship"

    I love my O&CO. basil olive oil, and this helps me get the most out of my cans. I love that I can close it with the cap to keep dust out.