Summer Exclusive Bundle

Summer Exclusive Bundle

Item # BSET52

The taste of Summer!

This year's Summer Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Finca Duernas 2019 is paired with our Limited Edition Pink Grapefruit Specialty Vinegar for a delicious bundle thats sure to stretch out that summer season just a bit longer.

Here you will find the Mediterranean sun-warm atmosphere & taste of olives in a limited edition Grand Cru Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Finca Duernas in Spain. This is like a pure olive juice that is creamy & flavorful with subtle notes of dried herbs and ripe banana. The oil is soft & well balanced with a spicy aftertaste that shows that it has a high content of natural antioxidants.

To compliment this exclusive oil is a limited edition Pink Grapefruit Specialty Vinegar, paying tribute to this emblematic fruit of Mediterranean. Composed of only the best pink grapefruits, harvested while they are perfectly ripe, this specialty vinegar reveals an incomparable freshness on the palate as well as a beautiful color.