Tacconi Pasta

Tacconi Pasta

Item # 21004
This uniquely shaped pasta is perfect for a quick and healthy meal. The secret ingredient that is not found in most common types of pasta is the wheat germ. This ingredient is the heart of the grain and contains vitamins A, D as well as vegetable protein.

Enjoy one of the most classic Italian pastas with any of our delicious sauces.

Size: 8.8 OZ

Region/Country: Tuscany, Italy
Food Pairings: Quick fix dinners with O&CO.'s signature sauces or pesto; delicious with any tomato or meat-based sauces.
Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina (95.24%) (gluten), wheat germ (4.76%) (gluten)

Customer Reviews

“My kids love this! Little do they know it's much better for them than their traditional macaroni and cheese ”

Marie Lee, Fairview, NJ
from the Short Hills Boutique