Taggiasca Black Olives

Taggiasca Black Olives

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The Taggiasca, from the Liguria region of Italy, is a late bloomer which grows on the rocky mountain slopes of the Italian Riviera. Harvested in early January by hand, this smaller size olive has a firm bite and a sweet, fruity and mild flavor. O&CO. brines our Taggiasca in an herbed juice that brings out the herbaceous note of these delicious table olives!

Plum ramekin is not included.

Region/Country: Liguria, Italy
Food Pairings: Perfect on their own as a snack, in a salad, in a tagine, or in any recipe calling for mild black olives!
Ingredients: Taggiasca olives, extra virgin olive oil, lemon peel, chili, garlic, aromatic herbs
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  1. "from the Grand Central Station Flagship"

    These petite, tart beauties really pop in a salad or a stew.