Tagliolini Pasta with Truffle

Tagliolini Pasta with Truffle

Item # 70956
The delicate flavor of summer truffle serves as the accent to our hand-made taglioni; it's a perfect base for a quick and elegant dinner, starter, or main dish!

Made of the highest quality durum wheat semolina and flavored with truffles, the secret ingredient here is wheat germ. It adds heart to the grain, so O&CO.'s Tagliolini Pasta with Truffle contains vitamins A, D, and vegetable proteins.

Size: 8.8 OZ

Food Pairings: Fantastic on its own, simply drizzle with one of our finishing olive oils; or topped with ricotta cheese, parmesan cheese, or as an accompaniment to shrimp scampi. To really impress, serve with slices of summer truffle!

Customer Reviews

“So delicious & perfect for a weeknight meal - just add a little oil, some grated Parmesan & dinner is ready in 10 minutes! We always have a stock of this terrific pasta in our pantry - it also makes a very easy & elegant side dish for dinner guests.”

Ruth Powers, NY, NY
from the Columbus Circle Boutique