Tangerine & Chili Jam

Tangerine & Chili Jam

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Experience an incredible combination of flavors in this exotic jam. Fresh and fragrant tangerines flirt with a tickle of red chili in this addictive and savory recipe. Its soft jelly texture is irresistible when served on its own, or mixed into whatever recipe you dream up!
Region/Country: Canada
Food Pairings: Delicious as a glaze for chicken, shrimp, or pork, or simply served with mascarpone. Try with soft cheese for a tantilizing snack!
Ingredients: White sugar, water, white vinegar, tangerine juice concentrate 8%, tangerine peel 0.71%, pectin, crushed red chili 0.11%, tangerine aroma 0.10%, acid: citric acid, orange oil
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  1. "from the Grand Central Station Flagship"

    I use a whole jar to marinate pork tenderloin for barbecuing.