Easy Mediterranean "How-To" Menu

As part of a Mediterranean lifestyle and eating plan, tapenades should be part of your meals as a gourmet condiment. Tapenades originate in Provence (southern France) on the Mediterranean. Its name originates from the word “tapèno” which means caper (these are a common ingredient), and is thought of as an olive paste.  

Tapenade, it its original form is a purée typically made from capers, black olives and anchovies; these ingredients are then combined with gourmet olive oil. The type of olive used in the tapenade imbues it with its unique flavor. Popular olive choices are kalamata, nicoise or gaeta. Other ingredients in tapenade are lemon juice, fresh herbs, garlic or mustard. The flavor of the tapenade will also vary and can also incorporate: 

  • Artichokes
  • Green olives
  • Portabella mushrooms
  • Roasted garlic
  • Sun dried tomatoes

Consider using tapenade as an accompaniment with fish, meat or vegetables or as an ingredient for stuffing. Many gourmet foodies enjoy tapenade as a spread on artisan bread, crostini or savory crackers. Use it to dress up baked potatoes or toss it with pasta.

To introduce tapenade to your friends and colleagues, plan a Mediterranean tasting party complete with one of the many gourmet tapenade offerings available at O&CO. Offer savory gourmet foods to tempt the palate. For menu items, consider serving roasted eggplant, lentil soup, stuffed grape leaves and fish or chicken.

Any of these items are made more delicious with the addition of flavored olive oils or balsamic vinegars during the preparation of the meal or drizzled on prior to serving.

O&CO. offers a selection of tapenades as well as a complete line of gourmet olive oils, truffles, truffle oils and handmade Italian pastas. You can end the meal with a sampling of honeys – sunflower, lavender or almond blossom – decadent chocolate hazelnut spreads or white chocolate truffles.