Tomato & Lemon with Almonds

Tomato & Lemon with Almonds

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Created by Michelin-starred Chef Annie Féolde, this recipe combines tomato and lemon for a tangy alternative to the expected! This condiment is a great pairing with seafood when used as a fresh take on cocktail sauce, as a flavorful dip for fried calamari or as a delicate seasoning for baked fish. The bright combination of flavors also makes it a wonderful alternative for Romesco sauce, paired with roasted potatoes or asparagus.

Size: 3.1 OZ

Chef Creation: Annie Féolde
Chefs Restaurant: Enoteca Pinchiorri
Region/Country: Florence, Italy
Food Pairings: Serve as dressing for cold chicken or crab salad, as a dip for fried calamari, or stir into vegetable soup for an unexpected punch.
Ingredients: Lemon confit 30% (lemons, sugar, water), tomato purée 20%, pears, zucchini, almonds in powder 10%, extra virgin olive oil, salt

Customer Reviews

“The tomato and lemon with almonds spread is SO YUMMY on tofu and makes it super easy to prepare.”

Jennifer Varano, Sales Associate
from the Columbus Circle Boutique