Tomato & Lemon with Almonds

Tomato & Lemon with Almonds

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Created by Michelin-starred Chef Annie Féolde, this recipe combines tomato and lemon for a tangy alternative to the expected! This condiment is a great pairing with seafood when used as a fresh take on cocktail sauce, as a flavorful dip for fried calamari or as a delicate seasoning for baked fish. The bright combination of flavors also makes it a wonderful alternative for Romesco sauce, paired with roasted potatoes or asparagus.
Chefs Restaurant: Enoteca Pinchiorri
Region/Country: Florence, Italy
Food Pairings: Serve as dressing for cold chicken or crab salad, as a dip for fried calamari, or stir into vegetable soup for an unexpected punch.
Ingredients: Lemon confit 30% (lemons, sugar, water), tomato purée 20%, pears, zucchini, almonds in powder 10%, extra virgin olive oil, salt
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  1. "from the Columbus Circle Boutique"

    The tomato and lemon with almonds spread is SO YUMMY on tofu and makes it super easy to prepare.