Tomato Pappardelline

Tomato Pappardelline

Item # 91155
Made with wheat germ and ground fresh tomatoes, each bite of Morelli's Tomato Pappardelline imparts the fresh taste and sweet aroma of ripe tomatoes. Enjoy the classic, clean flavor of the Mediterranean by pairing this colorful pasta with our Olive & Basil Oil!

Size: 8.8 OZ

Region/Country: Tuscany, Italy
Food Pairings: For the tomato lover, try this pasta with O&CO. Riviera sauce. Or, for an unusual surprise, pair with cream based sauces and red meat!
Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina (89.85%) (gluten), powder tomato (5.39%), wheat germ (3.59%) (gluten), red powdered beetroot (1.17%)

Customer Reviews

“For tomato lovers! Combine with O&CO. Riviera Sauce for the ultimate in tomato goodness.”

Sydney Batten, Brooklyn, NY
from the Short Hills Boutique