Trapanese Pesto with Basil & Almond

Trapanese Pesto with Basil & Almond

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Celebrate the tastes of Italy with this delicious pesto from Sicily, highlighting the finest local ingredients:  tomatoes, almonds and basil.

This delicate, refreshing pesto is named for its birth place, the town of Trapani in the western corner of Sicily.

This traditional recipe is centuries-old, and likely inspired by Genova's more famous basil pesto. The locals then adpated the pesto recipe with their own local ingredients -- most notably, almonds and tomatoes. The Sicilian almonds go wonderfully with the tomatoes and the basil

Traditionaly served with busiati or fusilli cork-screw pasta, but any pasta will do. Buon appetito! 

Region/Country: Italy
Food Pairings: Enjoy with pasta or Parmesan cheese, serve as an accompaniment to roasts or fish, use as an appetizer, spread with puff pastry.

Ingredients: sunflower oil, rehydrated sundried tomato, extra virgin olive oil, almonds 8,5%, basil, salt, wine vinegar, garlic, chili pepper.