Truffles: Set Your Meal Apart With These Delicacies

Long considered a delicacy and used by gourmet chefs, truffles are making their way into the kitchens of home chefs. Truffles are highly sought after and enhance the flavor of every dish. To draw out the truffle’s true flavor, pay careful attention in the execution and incorporation of the delicate truffle or truffle oil into the dish being prepared.

Culinary artists know that we enjoy meals with all of our senses, not merely our taste buds and the delicate aroma of a truffle can enhance the taste of any meal. It is crucial to utilize the other ingredients in the meal to accentuate not only the taste but the aromatic qualities of the truffle. Bear in mind that white and black truffles have different aromatic nuances and could therefore, change the taste of the meal.

Home chefs should look for a recipe that offers cooking instructions for the truffle to make certain the meal achieves the highest level of taste and aroma. Consider using truffle oil as a flavorful enhancement to one of the many gourmet whole wheat pastas offered by O&CO. When you consider that your truffles should be the item taking center stage in your meal, it will be easy to plan the remaining ingredients in a supporting role to this delicacy.

The Mediterranean food purveyors at O&CO. understand that the luxurious truffle is prized and sought after for its intense garlic flavor, yet extraordinarily delicate, earthy aroma. O&CO. offers a flavorful line of truffle oils and creams that can be incorporated into your menus. While many restaurant chefs prefer fresh truffles, even they know it is not always easy to find them when they’re at the peak of their flavor and that’s why many prefer to enhance flavors with truffle oil.