Turmeric Vinegar Condiment

Turmeric Vinegar Condiment

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On this occasion, Oliviers&Co.® created an exotic world, where the oriental spices meet the Mediterranean tastes.

Always looking for innovative tastes to combine with olive oil, Oliviers&Co.® worked in partnership with Frédéric Chaix, an artisanal vinegar maker, to create this Turmeric Condiment. It is called a “condiment” on the label due to its low acidity level (3.5%) and the sweetness it reveals on the palate. An audacious combination, allowing amateurs to enhance an everyday dish or experts to magnify a sophisticated recipe…An invitation to an epicurean journey rich in sensations to be enjoyed by every palate!
Region/Country: France
Food Pairings: To be used as a seasoning with raw vegetables (carrots, cabbages), to be used to awaken a Moroccan recipe (tagine), to go with a Lebanese dish (tabbouleh, red lentil salad), use to marinate Asian preparations (chicken satay), to deglaze pan-seared fish or to season an exotic fruit salad (pineapple, mango).
Ingredients: alcohol vinegar (sulfites), sugar, turmeric 5%