Vinegar to Enliven Your Palate

Awaken your taste buds and rile your senses with exclusive new vinegars from O&CO. Introducing apple vinegar and pomegranate vinegar, O&CO.'s savory vinegars are sure to enliven any meal or provide an extra fruity kick to warm salads, gravy and braised salads.

Bursting with the sweet and savory flavor of caramelized apples, O&CO.'s Apple Vinegar has a tangy and crisp flavor that is the sublime accompaniment to dark leafy greens and pork. When used in place of apple cider vinegar, this rich flavor adds an extra fruity kick to an otherwise bland meal.

For any Mediterranean food lover, O&CO.'s Pomegranate Vinegar reaches levels of nirvana when paired with lamb or duck. This striking flavor is equally alluring to those with a sweet tooth when drizzled on ice cream or sorbet. Splash this pomegranate vinegar in your favorite champagne cocktail to spice up the night. The subtle sweetness and alluring tartness of the pomegranate provide an unexpected and welcome component to both sweet and savory recipes.

High in the Alpes-de-Haute, in the village of Mane, O&CO. became the brainchild of two men united around a common passion, the olive tree. Ten years since its creation, O&CO. has forged a new image of the olive tree, rooted in tradition but firmly anchored in the modern world. A completely innovative concept was born that has spread to seasonings, sauces and pastas, sweets, spreads and vinegar.

With a sense of respect for tradition, O&CO. cherishes originality where tastes and smells converge to delight the senses. Their two exquisite new apple and pomegranate vinegars align with their ideals to provide an unmatched robust flavor.

To view O&CO.'s full line of invigorating vinegars visit O&CO.'s website for a complete list including their classic range of Balsamic Vinegars, sure to delight your senses. Or bring the Mediterranean experience to you through O&CO.'s network of boutiques. Located in over 14 countries around the world, each boutique is committed to bringing you the tastes and flavors of the Mediterranean. Use O&CO.'s boutique locator to discover your local location.