Fruity Trio

Fruity Trio

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A perfect blend of flavors to brighten up salads and gourmet preparations for the holiday season. A colorful box with two flavored olive oils (lemon and basil) and the sweetness of the new best seller, the raspberry vinegar.

The perfect set to make delicious fruity vinaigrettes in a New-York minute!

The Fruity Trio contains:

The Basil Olive Oil

The Lemon Olive Oil

The Rapsberry Specialty Vinegar

3 olive oil pourers

Food Pairings: Salads, raw vegetables, white meat, desserts, fruit salads

Basil Olive Oil: extra virgin olive oil 99%, basil 1%

Lemon Olive Oil: extra virgin olive oil 99%, lemon 1%

Specialty vinegar with strawberry: alcohol vinegar 70%, raspberry 20%, sugar

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