Volubilis Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2021, 16.8 FL OZ

Volubilis Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2021, 16.8 FL OZ

Item # 71VOZV500

Size: 16.8 FL OZ

Container: Bottle

The Moroccan Elixir

The best Moroccan olive oil! The typical taste of oils made during antiquity in Volubilis, with the freshness in addition. This velvety and sweet Moroccan Olive oil reveals on the palate tender aromatic notes of fresh apple and a typical taste of black olive paste.

Youssef Gardam, raised in France, decided after his studies to return to Morocco to produce an excellent olive oil from the orchards planted by his great-grandfather. He favours an early harvest, the olives are picked by hand one by one to give birth to a sweet, tender and fragrant oil. This mill located between the Atlas and the Atlantic Ocean, has the particularity of producing an olive oil with a very low acidity rate, 0.11% at bottling. Youssef Gardam has been able to develop production techniques that allow him to create the first Moroccan olive oil "Grand Cru" which has nothing to blush in front of an Italian or a French one.

Producer: Youssef Gardam
Country: Morocco
Region: Safi, Marrakech
Date of Harvest: November 2020
Olives: 100% Picholine Marocaine
Food Pairings: Chickpea Salad, tajine with lamb, ratatouille, cooked vegetables, almond cake.
This olive oil has sweet notes of black olive that will surprise your taste buds

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