White Fig Spread

White Fig Spread

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A truly unsurpassed delicacy of Mediterranean cuisine, Oliviers&Co. offers a variety of products made with white or purple figs, from savory to sweet, and always full of flavor.

This artisanal spread is made according to traditional methods- slowly cooked in a copper cauldron. The result is a delicate, sweet honey like flavor, with the freshness of the exceptional white figs.
Region/Country: Provence, France
Food Pairings: Simply spread on toast, « crêpes », pancakes or brioche, with a cheese platter, or as a preparation in desserts (crumble, cheesecake, fruit pie, tiramisu…)

Ingredients: white figs from Provence 64.9%, sugar, acidifying agent: lemon juice. Made with 2.64 oz of fruit for 3.52 oz. Total sugar content 2.04 oz for 3.52 oz.