White Wine Vinegar Condiment

White Wine Vinegar Condiment

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Always looking for innovative tastes to combine with olive oil, Oliviers&Co. selected this white condiment coming from Italy. Made with a blend of wine vinegar and grape must, it owes its designation of “condiment” to its low acidity level (5.5%) and the sweetness it reveals on the palate. The white condiment does not benefit from the designation “balsamic” due to its production process and lack of ageing of the blend.

An ideal condiment for everyday uses, the white condiment leaves a delicate balance of sweetness and tartness on the tongue. If you like our White Balsamic with Oregano, be sure to try this!

Region/Country: Modena, Emilia- Romagna, Italy
Food Pairings: As a seasoning for salads, coleslaw, to deglaze fish or poultry or to be used as a seasoning for oysters (as an interesting substitute for lemon).
Ingredients: wine vinegar, concentrated white grape must, antioxidant: E224 (sulfites). Contains: sulfites