White Wine Vinegar with Lemon Thyme

White Wine Vinegar with Lemon Thyme

Item # 74VITH250

Size: 8.5 FL OZ

Container: Bottle

Oliviers & Co unveils a new collection of five aromatic vinegars, developed in partnership with its master vinegar maker Frédéric Chaix according to a unique savoir-faire.

This exclusive recipe is produced in Lisbon, Portugal using fresh lemon thyme during the manufacturing process. To produce these unique vinegars, fresh herbs are macerated whole within 48 hours of their selection, allowing them to retain all their freshness. These aromatic vinegars are the result of tireless research to find the right balance between the acidity of the vinegar and the flavor of the ingredients.

This vinegar beautifully combines a remarkable herbal thyme flavor along with a subtle twist of lemon. A true delight on salads, marinades, and even for deglazing.

Guaranteed 100% natural, without coloring, preservative or artificial flavor.

This vinegar comes with a built-in spout for a drip-free pour.

Producer: Frederic Chaix
Region/Country: Portugal
Food Pairings: Use as a marinade for fish or meat, on a salad of raw vegetables, or for homemade mayonnaise
Ingredients: White wine vinegar 75% (sulfites), sugar, fresh lemon thyme 5%.