Baking with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Baking with Olive Oil

Did you know that you can use extra virgin olive oil in your baking recipes
as well as in a flavoring for salads, meats, pastas and for frying?

It’s true! You can incorporate an extra virgin olive oil in baking recipes that call for butter and you will automatically make your recipes healthier because olive oil is lower in saturated fat than butter. Additionally, mixing olive oil into your recipes enhances the item and offers the food a nuanced flavor that will leave your guests clamoring for your baking secrets.

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Eat Healthy Baking With Olive Oil

Eat Healthy

OLIVE OIL IS loaded with
A powerful antioxidant
oleocanthal. Some scientists
estimate that LARGE DOSES
OF extra virgin olive oil HAS
similar effectiveness AS an
anti-inflammatory drug1

Butter to Olive Oil Conversion Table

Butter/Margarine Olive Oil
1 teaspoon = 3/4 teaspoon
1 tablespoon = 2 1/4 teaspoons
2 tablespoons = 1 1/2 tablespoons
1/4 cup = 3 tablespoons
1/3 cup = 1/4 cup
1/2 cup = 1/4 cup + 2 tablespoons
2/3 cup = 1/2 cup
3/4 cup = 1/2 cup + 1 tablespoon
1 cup = 3/4 cup

In most baked goods, extra virgin olive oil can be substituted for butter or margarine. You will have to carefully add the oil to the recipe using the ratio of three parts extra virgin olive oil being equal to four parts butter. What this means, is that if the baking recipe calls for eight tablespoons of butter you will substitute six tablespoons of olive oil. Be advised that this substitution process won’t work well if the recipe requires a lot of creaming together of butter and sugar (this would be in recipes for fluffy or super light cakes – such as an angel food). Olive oil is also not the proper choice for recipes in which the fat in the recipe needs to remain a solid as in frosting recipes.

Convert Vegetable or Canola Oil to Olive Oil

If your recipe calls for vegetable or canola oil, you should definitely substitute those oils with gourmet extra virgin olive oil. Any dessert recipe that calls for vegetable oil as an ingredient is a perfect choice for olive oil. In these recipes, the swap would be a one-to-one ratio. In other words if the recipe calls for one cup of vegetable oil, you would simply use extra virgin olive oil. Imagine how the smooth, delicious flavor of gourmet olive oil will enhance the flavor of a chocolate or a carrot cake!

Benefits of Baking with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil will to cut down on "bad" cholesterol and saturated fats in your recipes and baking. Olive Oil is considered a "good" fat, unlike butter and margarine. It also contains extra antioxidants (natural chemicals that help protect our cells) and it contains vitamin-E which will give your recipes a heart-healthy boost. The vitamin-E may even help keep your breads and muffins fresher, longer.

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Making the decision to incorporate gourmet olive oil in your baking recipes is best served if you’re using high quality extra virgins such as those offered at Oliviers & Co. Using a low quality olive oil is akin to cooking with a wine that you wouldn’t want to drink. You’re using gourmet extra virgin olive oil in your baking recipes to not only be more heart healthy but to ramp up the flavors in your baking. As chefs know, low-quality oils can bring with them an overpowering taste that can noticeably change the flavor of your baked goods.

Experiment with adding extra virgin olive oils to your recipes and gauge the reaction of your diners when they sample your baked goods with the delicious, nuanced flavor that only gourmet olive oil can bring.

Oliviers & Co - The Best From The Best

Mediterranean foods, including gourmet extra virgin olive oil, are a staple for living a heart healthy lifestyle

Trio of Olive Oils


mono-unsaturated fat called
oleic acid, IT HAS BEEN PROVEN

Baking With Olive Oil Jars

What Is In Your Oil?

Different vegetable & nut oils have different applications as well as different flavors, textures & uses. Oliviers & Co produces the best olive oils in the world from the highest quality olives grown in the Mediterranean. We found that vegetable oil like olive oil gives the best option when it comes to cooking as well as many other health benefiting applications.

Check this list below to see how the other vegetable & nut oils hold up against Oliviers & Co’s extra virgin olive oils.

• Olive oil - is commonly used in cooking, for frying or as a finish like salad dressing
• Coconut oil - Extracted from the kernel or meat of the fruit of the coconut palm plant
• Corn oil - one of the most common oils sold in processed foods
• Cottonseed oil- used as a salad and cooking oil, both domestically and industrially
• Palm oil - the most widely produced tropical oil & also used to make biofuel
• Peanut oil - has a high smoke point & especially used for frying
• Rapeseed oil - one of the most commonly used cooking oils
• Safflower oil - until the 1960s used in the paint industry, now used as a cooking oil
• Sesame oil - cold pressed & good as a light cooking oil, hot pressed for a darker & stronger flavor
• Soybean oil - produced as a byproduct of processing soy
• Sunflower oil - also a common cooking oil & used as biodiesel
• Beech nut oil - from Fagus sylvatica nuts, can be used for salads and cooking
• Brazil nut oil - is a good possible substitute for olive oil due to its mild, pleasant flavor
• Cashew oil - also comparable to olive oil
• Hazelnut oil - mainly used for its flavor in cooking
• Macadamia oil - has a mild nutty flavor & a high smoke point good for frying
• Pistachio oil - a strong flavored oil with a very distinctive green color
• Walnut oil - also used for its specific flavor

Baking with flavored olive oils

Oliviers & Co has created unique flavored Olive Oils by specially fusing herbs, spices, & other flavoring agents
with the freshly harvested olives during the crushing process.

The higher the pressure used, & the faster it is released, the more quickly the infusion takes place & the more flavor is extracted.
MOST Oliviers & Co producers use a traditional grinding method, the stone mill, to extract the oil from the olives. This is done
within a 24 hour period in a cold press to reduce oxidation & retain the highest quality in content of the polyphenols,
antioxidants, vitamins & most importantly flavor.

Molten Chocolate Cake

Molten Chocolate Cake
With Mandarin Olive Oil

Serves 4

To create this masterpiece, Oliviers & Co takes whole mandarin oranges from Puglia & presses them with olives at peak ripeness to produce a bold & fragrant olive oil. This fresh & citrus-y olive oil specialty is versatile & bold, holding its own in this simple, elegant rich & gooey chocolate cake.

Fresh Pressed Mandarin Olive Oil

Ricotta, Basil & Bell Pepper Pesto Cannelloni

Ricotta, Basil & Bell Pepper
Pesto Cannelloni

Serves 4

Made with fresh basil gathered at the height of the summer & macerated in extra virgin olive oil, this specialty olive oil is prepared according to a 16th century process handed down from generation to generation. In the winter, during the Olivades (a Provençal word for the olive harvest), fresh basil & olives are pressed together. Simple & delicious!

Fresh Pressed Basil Olive Oil
Ricotta, Basil & Bell Pepper Pesto Cannelloni

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